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Is there a car or asset you have been dreaming about? Get Asset Financing with us which offers you great flexibility as you acquire assets.

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Asset Finance

Is there a car or asset you have been dreaming about? Get Asset Financing with us which offers you great flexibility as you acquire assets.

This is a self-securing loan product for the financing of moveable assets. It offers great flexibility and helps applicants free up cash by enabling them to acquire assets with minimum fuss.

Co-op Insurance Financing is made available for the assets purchased, with the option of renewing it periodically over the duration of the facility and beyond.


  1. Financing of all types of moveable assets such as laptops, computers, printers, saloon cars, pickups, tractors, prime movers, school buses, generators and even medical equipment
  2. Financing of both new and second hand assets
  3. Competitive pricing in both local and foreign currency
  4. Flexible repayment period
  5. Automatic reminders of insurance expiry
Account Opening Requirements
  1. Copies of identification
  2. Invoices and/or importation documents 
  3. Copy of KRA PIN
Get a facility to import a vehicle

Are you looking to Import a Car from Japan, Europe or Thailand but you’re short on finances? Get 80% financing from us!

We have formed a joint partnership with World Navi Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese exporter of used units to Africa and Europe, to enable Kenyans to import second-hand cars. The partnership guarantees a 100% safe and reliable vehicle importation including three months warranty on the engine & transmission, accident free & genuine mileage certificates and zero risk of stolen parts or non-performance. 

Step 1 Identification of vehicle

  •  Identify a car via the internet through the Bank's approved import agent website,
  • Place an order by calling our import agent
  • The import agent will print the order and prepare a general pro -forma invoice
  • You will then receive the Pro-forma invoice from the import agent

Step 2 Loan Application Process

  • Submit an application form, pro-forma invoice, bank statements, your ID card and your PIN certification at a Co-op bank branch for the loan consideration. We might request for additional documentations from you.
  • Once the loan is approved , we will issue you with an indicative offer letter
  • You will be expected to make a 20% deposit of the vehicle’s value into the import dealers Co-op bank account

Step 3 Vehicle purchase process

  • The import agent will purchase the vehicle on your behalf
  • The import agent conducts quality check and ships the car to Kenya
  • Documents are consigned to the bank that in turn releases them to the clearing agent that will facilitate clearing and registration
  • The bank will require you the customer and the import agent to fulfill some terms and conditions e.g joint registration of the vehicle, motor vehicle valuation, and get a comprehensive insurance for the vehicle.
  • The import agent will deliver the vehicle to you

For more information, contact our World Navi agents via the following contacts

Khadija Ali Mohamed – 0740 727 040

Asha Swaib Adam – 0711 122 833

Lianie Beth Gala – 0712 325 088

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