Our cards have been tailored to suit your needs wherever you are and whenever you may need them. With our Credit, Debit, Pre-paid and HELB cards, you can access and manage your bank accounts at your convenience at Co-op Kwa Jirani agents and ATMs.

You can also use your card to pay for meals, shop, fuel and so much more at No Extra Cost! 

Debit Cards

Your Co-op Visa Debit Card allows you to spend without having to carry cash around. It is a transactional card. Your Co-op Bank Visa Card can be used to pay for fuel, shopping, dining, hotels, online transactions, utilities etc. without withdrawing cash from an ATM, as long as the merchant accepts Visa cards or where a Visa sign is shown.

What’s more, you get alerts on your mobile phone (if you have opted for them) every time you use your Co-op Bank Visa Card at a merchant. This allows you to see where you are spending your money in real time and plan accordingly. You can also request for a bank statement to see every location you have used your Visa card for easy tracking of your spending, which makes it much easier to plan your budget.

The new chip and pin technology on the cards helps prevent card-related crime. Each card has a tiny chip embedded to make the card virtually impossible to copy. Not only is the chip and pin secure, it’s easy and fast to process which means shorter queuing at the till.

If your card is lost or stolen, call Co-op Bank immediately to let us know. We will block the card and hence protect the money in your account as well as replace your card.

Credit Cards

If you need a credit card that offers multiple benefits, have a look at our selection of cards and the benefits that each offers:

  • Gold Visa Card
    This is an enhanced premium credit card targeted at the upwardly mobile individual coupled with a higher spending limit and extra benefits. With no joining fee, free monthly statements and up to 50 days interest-free credit, the Gold Visa Card is suitable for your credit needs.
  • International Visa Classic Card
    If you need a credit card with multiple benefits that you can use across the world, consider our International Visa Classic Card. In addition to the features and benefits enjoyed by Local Visa Classic Cardholders, those with an International Visa Classic Card enjoy a higher limit of up to Ksh 199,999 and they can use their card worldwide, wherever there is a Visa branded outlet. It allows a cash advance equivalent of up to Ksh 20,000 per day, subject to availability of funds.
  • Local Visa Classic Card
    This is a Visa Credit Card designed for anyone who wants to access credit and use it only within Kenya. The card allows you the convenience of settling bills such as hospital, legal, air tickets, restaurants, etc., without the risk of carrying hard cash.
Pre-paid Cards

You do not have to be a Co-op Bank customer to own a Co-op Pre-paid Card!

A pre-paid card is a payment card loaded with money to make purchases anywhere that a debit or credit card is accepted including ATMs, POS, mobile money, online, abroad etc. Our pre-paid cards are EMV compliant (having both chip and magnetic stripe) and all transactions are verified and authorized via a two factor authentication, that is, card and PIN/signature.

Co-op pre-paid cards include:

  • Co-op Pay
  • HELB Student Smart Cards
  • Sacco Pay

With pre-paid cards you can:

  • Make purchases in person, online, or by phone
  • Give gifts to friends and family
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM or bank
  • Receive wages or funds by direct deposit to the card
  • Pay bills

The HELB Smart Card is a pre-loaded card that allows college students easy access to their money. The card is also used to make purchases and/or withdraw cash from any VISA Branded ATMs countrywide as well as Co-operative Bank agents. The card is issued to the student and is linked centrally to a sponsoring university/college. In addition, the card is used to access HELB disbursements. Sponsors and students can also load funds into the card at Co-op branches, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, Co-op Banks ATMs, and MCo-op Cash.