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Co-operative Bank through Co-op Trust Investment Services (CISL) and Kingdom Securities Limited (KSL) offer a variety of investment and consulting services.

Co-op Trust Investment Services Limited(CISL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited and has no foreign shareholding. Capitalization figures is over Kshs. 173M and we are managing in excess of Kshs. 125 billion as at December 2020.

Being part of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited, CISL benefits from access to the deep pool of resources for more effective delivery of clients’ objectives and at the same time, ensuring best industry practices are upheld.

Services offered through Co-op Trust Investment Services Limited include Co-op Trust Wealth Management Services and stock trading and advisory services through Kingdom Securities.

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Co-op Trust Financials 2019



Shareholder Cases


Our shareholder's details update requirements are;

  1. For clients whose shares are held in a certificate, the client needs to fill a Shareholder Update Form and attach a certified copy of ID or Passport.

  2. Where the client is a Sacco and does not have an account with Co-operative Bank, a letter from the County Cooperatives Commissioner or District Cooperatives Officer will be required to confirm the signatories. N/B Forward the documents to Shares Operations for processing

  3. For clients whose shares are held in a CDS Account, clients need to update their details through their stockbroker.


  • Clients with lost/stale/destroyed dividend cheques or have outstanding dividends are required to fill an Indemnity for Dividend Warranty.


  • Individual Shareholders.

  • Attach a certified copy of ID or Passport

  • Affix a Kshs. 100 Revenue Stamp

  • SACCOs.

  • Attach a certified copy of registration certificate

  • Affix Kshs. 100 Revenue Stamp

  • Seal the indemnity form

  • Where the client is a Sacco and does not have an account with Co-operative Bank, a letter from the County Cooperatives Commissioner or District Cooperatives Officer will be required to confirm the signatories. 

N/B Forward the documents to Co-operative Bank, Shares Operations for processing



For a client to move their shares from Certificate to a CDS account, they need to; 

  • To initiate immobilization, a client needs to open a CDS account first, through a securities broker.  

  • They will then be required to have the following documents;

1. Duly completed and signed CDS2 form(available at the broker.)

2. Original certificate(s) of shares to be immobilized or indemnity from respective registrar if lost

3. Certified copy of ID (verifiable on IPRS)



For the transfer of shares from a deceased to the beneficiary, the clients need the following;

  • To initiate a transmission process, a client(beneficiary) needs to:

  • Open a CDS account through a Stockbroker.

  • For Co-operative Bank, they can open a CDS account through Kingdom Securities, and this can be done through any Co-operative bank branch.

  • The client will also be provided with the following forms, that are available at Kingdom Securities or the Branch network;

  • CDS 7 form (to facilitate transfer from Deceased to the beneficiary )

  • CDS 2 form (to facilitate transfer of shares in certificate form)

  • Purchase transfer form

  • Sale transfer form

N/B:      -If the deceased held shares in a CDS account, a CDS 2 form will not be required.

-Where the Deputy County Commissioner or Public Trustee is the administrator, they must execute on the CDS 7& CDS 2 forms as transferor.



  • Shares and Dividends (Individuals)

For our individual shareholders to claim their shares and dividends forwarded to the UFAA, they need the following;

  • A letter requesting for the re-unification to Co-opbank Registrar Services addressed to Shares Operations.

  • Duly completed Discharge and Indemnity form witnessed by any active registered LSK lawyer.  

  • KYC document. Attach a certified copy of ID (Certification can be done at any of our Co-opbank Branches upon presentation of the original or an active registered LSK lawyer

  • Attach a deposit slip for KES 200 deposited into account 01240000023127 being the stamp duty fee for the said indemnity

  • Dividends Only (Individuals)

For our individual shareholders to claim their dividends forwarded to UFAA, they need the following

  • A letter requesting for the re-unification to Co-opbank Registrar Services addressed to Shares Operations

  • KYC document. Attach a certified copy of ID (Certification can be done at any of our Co-opbank Branches upon presentation of the original or an active registered LSK lawyer)

  • Co-opholding

For our Saccos/Societies shareholders to claim their shares and dividends forwarded to UFAA, they need the following 

  • A letter requesting for the re-unification to Co-opbank Registrar Services addressed to Shares Operations, on the Society’s letter head. (sealed)

  • KYC document. Attach a certified copy of registration certificate and Copies of ID’s of signatories, list of signatories with specimen signatures (Certification can be done at any of our Co-opbank Branches if account is held with the bank or through the County Co-operatives office)

  • Append a seal on these documents



For us to provide the Shareholding information to the Public Trustee for the, distribution and managing of an estate, you need to provide:

  • Letter from the Public Trustee

  • Certified copy of Death Certificate



Shareholder Details Update Form - Download

Transmission Requirements - Download

UFAA Indemnity - Download

Indemnity For Dividend Warranty - Download

Co-op Trust Wealth Management Services

The Co-op Trust Wealth Management Services targets high net worth individuals or organizations who have short to medium (periodic or lump sum term) funds which require to be invested for short and/or fixed periods of time. 

The service is designed to take into account the following: 

  1. The unique cash flow profile of the individuals or organization
  2. The need to ensure moderate to low investment risk 


Unique Cash Flow Profile

The investments in this product are designed to match the projected cash flow profile of the client. Common tools used include, a mix between treasury bonds and term deposits, pre-negotiated short term funding arrangements with banks and other cash flow management tools. 
An individual or organization may from time to time find itself holding an excess cash position. The excess cash position may be subject to the following characteristics: 

  1. The cash held might be needed on short notice or upon expiry of a given period/term
  2. The funds should not be subjected to any capital risk
  3. The volume and schedule of drawdowns is unpredictable or uncertain
  4. The funds can nonetheless be invested to optimize short term gains

For a client in this situation, wealth management can ensure that the return maximization objective is achieved while ensuring the above objectives are respected. 


Wealth Management Services

  1. Risk Management
    This service is structured to ensure that the investments are moderate to low risk through ensuring that the portfolio of investments is well diversified, invested in risk-free securities and that an Investment Manager takes personal responsibility for monitoring the portfolio and adhering to pre-agreed risk management measures with the client.
  2. Investment Approach
    We concentrate on fixed income investment on Interest Bearing Assets (including Call Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Corporate Bonds & Kenya Government Bonds) which ensure that the principle amount invested is not eroded by the volatility of the market. These assets also earn interest which serves as additional income to the fund.
    In addition, these assets are liquid and can be easily traded in the secondary market to make some capital gains.
  3. Research Function
    Our research department is dedicated to ensuring that Investment Managers are up to date with market updates and events that may cause direct or indirect risk to the assets under management. The research department achieves this by having a top-down analysis, where they begin at the macro-level, industry level, sector level for the particular asset, that is, for Quoted Equities (Shares), Corporate Bonds, Property and the unquoted equities. 

The research department also closely monitors the interest rates, inflation and T/Bill as demonstrated by the graph below and enables the Investment Managers to make timely decisions when it comes to bond trading.


How do Wealth Management Services work?

The client enters into a Wealth Management agreement with Co-op Trust Investment Services Limited. The agreement states inter alia: 

  1. The name of the specific Investment Manager responsible for returns
    The Investment Manager will at all times liaise with the client in decision making and implementation. It should be known that the specific Investment Manager receives guidelines from the investment committee and all implementations are countersigned by the Senior Investment Manager.
  2. The agreed risk management guidelines
    Wealth management involves investment in government securities and interest bearing assets. These assets are considered risk-free or very minimal risk. Our internal risk management measures reinforced by a strict audit control function will ensure the funds are invested as per the agreed mandate with zero deviations tolerated.
  3. The targeted rate of return
    • ​​The funds will be invested in a portfolio of government bonds/interest bearing assets. These are risk-free investments as the principal and interest repayments are guaranteed by the government.
    • An active trading approach coupled with careful management of the portfolio duration and interest rates will ensure the fund realizes capital gains, in addition to the regular interest income.
    • Fund liquidity will be guaranteed as these securities are quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (also in the event that the client wants some exposure in Equities), meaning they can easily be sold off to realize cash as and when the need arises. Our status as a large Fund Manager will ensure we achieve economies of scale when buying or selling the securities, and when negotiating brokerage commissions.


Benefits of Wealth Management Services 

The benefits to the client include:

  1. Ensuring adequate cash to meet payment obligation as they fall due, especially after expiry of the term 
  2. The Wealth Management Fund may be used as collateral (security) in case the client would want a loan facility with any bank
  3. Facilitates optimal investment of surplus cash and the investment income could form an important source of revenue to the client
  4. Allows for asset liability modelling that ensures appropriate liquid assets are held which minimises the probability of insolvency
  5. There are economies of scale and minimised costs as investments are made in pool


Joining Requirements

  1. Execution of the Discretionary Investment Management Agreement
  2. Execution of the fee agreement
  3. Execution of a Deed of Adherence
  4. Submission of the deposit cheques as seed investment in the plan

All the above will be processed by ourselves and forwarded to you for execution.


Co-op Trust Investment Services Contact Details

  • Co-operative Bank Building 
  • P. O. Box 48231-00100, Nairobi
  • Telephone Numbers: 020 3276532/020 3276000
Kingdom Securities Limited

Kingdom Securities Limited (KSL) is a licensed as a stockbroker at the NSE. The company formally commenced operations in June 2009 succeeding the previous Bob Mathews Stock Brokers Limited. As a licensee of the NSE, we are engaged in the provision of stock trading and advisory services. We are located on the 5th Floor of Co-operative Bank House, Nairobi.

Services offered through Kingdom Securities include: 

  1. Buying and selling of shares and bonds on behalf of clients
  2. Offering advice about investment in shares and bonds
  3. Assisting investors to fulfil the following key needs:
    • Transfers of shares
    • Immobilization
    • Transmissions


KSL Promise

  1. Timely and precise execution of deals
  2. Daily and weekly markets updates
  3. Research information

To buy and sell shares, you need to have a CDS account.

  1. CDS Account Opening Requirements
    • Personal and Joint Accounts
    • Identification card/valid passport of each account signatory
    • Passport size coloured photograph/digital passport photo of each account signatory 
    • Duly filled and signed CDS 1 (account opening) form and KSL addendum
  2. Diaspora – Kenyan
    • Once the client is introduced through the Co-op Bank Diaspora Banking department, they need to provide the following:
    • Certified copy of a valid Kenyan ID or Kenyan Passport (Personal Detail/Bio Data page and Renewal page)
    • Recent coloured passport photo
    • Duly filled & signed CDS1 (account opening) form and KSL addendum
    • The CDS 1 form, KSL addendum form and all attachments should be stamped by a Diaspora Banking Officer
  3. Foreign Persons in Kenya
    • Valid passport
    • Notarized/locally certified recent coloured passport photo
    • Letter from the embassy (where the embassy is available in Kenya)
    • Notarized copy of entry/work permit
    • Duly filled & signed CDS 1 (account opening) form and KSL addendum, that should be notarized or locally certified by a notary public/embassy
  4. Business Accounts, Clubs, Societies, Associations, Missions, NGOs, Trade Unions
    • Identification cards / valid passports of each signatory (authorized officials) signing the documents
    • Signatories’ passport size photographs, coloured
    • Duly filled CDS 1 (account opening) form and KSL addendum, signed by the signatories of the account
    • Where the signatories are not the officials of the entity, a resolution or letter from the officials authorising the current signatories to operate the account on behalf of the entity
    • KRA PIN Certificate of each signatory 
    • Copy of registration certificate (bring original for authentication purpose)
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Entity’s Constitution where applicable
    • Certificate of Incorporation or Certificates of Approved Enterprise for foreign limited liabilities
    • Minutes to resolve opening of a CDS account with Kingdom Securities Limited where applicable, for example, for societies
    • A Director’s Resolution to open the CDS account with Kingdom Securities Limited, specifying the signing mandates with which the account will be operated and naming the signatories to the account
    • Introduction letter from the relevant authority, for example, Ministry of Education, Social Services, Church HQ, Central Organization of Trade Unions and NGO Registration Board
      Note: For Limited Companies, a search has to be conducted to ascertain ownership as below:
      • ​Bank’s legal department charges for the search apply
      • The funds will be deposited to A/C 01240000020568 SEARCH FEE-COMPANY SECRETARY
      • A copy of the Registration Certificate, the page that has the directors & a copy of bank deposit/payment slip shall be forwarded to legal department with a memo to conduct the search
      • Clients will be allowed to trade once the search results are received and are satisfactory
  5. Self-help Groups
    • Identification cards/identification report/valid passports of each signatory 
    • Signatories’ passport size photograph, coloured
    • Duly filled & signed CDS 1 (account opening) form and KSL addendum
    • Copy of Registration Certificate, stamped by the relevant registration office
    • Group constitution
    • Minutes to resolve opening of a CDS A/C with Kingdom Securities Limited
    • A list of group members with ID numbers duly signed by members and stamped by the relevant registration office
      Introduction letter from the relevant registration authority


Kingdom Securities Contact Details

  • Co-operative Bank Building, 5th Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue
  • P.O. Box 48231-00100, Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: +254 20 3276676
  • Fax: +254 20 3276156
  • Email:
Custody & Registrar Services


Our custody services are the best in the market. We have a rich heritage and custody experience spanning over 19 years since our registration as a custodian in 2001. Our team is comprised of competent individuals with a wealth of experience in the retirement & capital markets industry to walk hand in hand with you while safeguarding your financial assets.


Who do we serve?

Our custody solutions are tailor-made to serves both individuals and institutions as shown below:

  1. Pension schemes- With our experienced staff, extensive technological platforms, branch network and bank balance sheet, we will walk hand in hand with you to maneuver the fast-changing capital markets landscape.   
  2. Investment Managers- At Co-op Custody, we have the scale, technology, depth of services and unique insights to offer a broad set of operationally efficient and scalable solutions to help you focus on what you do best: investing of assets.
  3. Insurance companies- Whether you are a life, non-life, reinsurance or health insurance company, we understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you need to leverage on investments solutions.            
  4. Brokers- We understand the challenges facing our brokers and with our technology solutions, dependable operational support, and robust clearing and collateral management services, we will help you navigate today's bonds marketplace.
  5. Sovereign funds- We design risk-efficient processes for each institution as asset safety is at the forefront of everything we do. This coupled with the best-in-class performance analysis will-be employed to guarantee utmost success.
  6. Wealth management for High net-worth individuals & corporates clients- This is a service designated for clients looking for a holistic approach in managing their financial wealth beyond the realm of traditional investing.


What do we do?

  1. Safekeeping of securities: We hold in safe custody all physical documents of title & financial securities (e.g. bonds and shares) for our clients in a fiduciary capacity. 
  2. Settlement of investment instructions: Ensure investments instructions are settled in line with the applicable SLAs (e.g. T+3 for shares).  
  3. Activity reporting: We furnish you with information and periodic reports that you need to fully understand your investments and make informed decision for your ultimate growth.  We provide detailed valuation reports, summary reports, daily cash statements and others.
  4. Administer corporate actions: Ensure execution of instructions such as share splits, rights issues, bonuses etc. to our clients’ benefits.
  5. Capital & income collection- We ensure all proceeds from investments (e.g. dividends, coupon payments, interest) are realized in time and duly credited into clients’ account.
  6. Payment processing: Ensure prompt client funds transfer and swift/payment advice provided for our clients’ records.
  7. Central depository agency services: Co-op Custody is an agent of the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) and therefore is able to open and maintain CDS account for investment in equities and bonds.


Our value propositions

  1. Digital Automations- Leverage our highly integrated technology platforms for accurate and timely access of valuation reports to help manage your portfolio better.
  2. Processing efficiencies- We carry out a straight through processing of all investments instructions and provide intraday settlement confirmations to our clients’ benefits.
  3. Activity reporting- Array of reports to help you better understand your investment portfolio, performance, associated exposures and adherence to RBA and your scheme specific investments rules.
  4. Rich network of sub-custodians- Through our correspondent banking desk, we can enter into sub-custodial arrangements with any bank in the world and pursue offshore investments for our clients’ benefits
  5. Global custodial standards- We benchmark with other custodians globally and are able to accommodate client specific benchmark in reporting and settlement.
  6. Client service focus: Our customer centricity is demonstrated in our customer specific reporting, monthly and quarterly touch points with all our clients and the overall process of query handling which is usually less than 24hrs.
  7. Support of a wide array of asset classes- Our systems scalability and a business change mentality, any market changes are quickly assimilated into our day to day and reporting exercises.
  8. Alternative investments- Gain through our expertise of investing & settlements in new and upcoming products such as REITs, derivatives and other in the capital markets
  9. Overall market expertise- Our staff offering is fully trained in the mandatory and the additional industry trainings e.g. CISI and Trustee Development Plan of Kenya.


For further details, kindly reach us on the contacts below:

Email us on:

Telephone contacts on 020 3276237/781 or 0711049237/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at CIC Plaza B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upper Hill



Our mandate as corporate trustee is structured to protect our customers and give value to the beneficiaries. We carry out our trustee services by taking legal ownership of the assets in a collective investment scheme, assuming fiduciary responsibility in managing of the assets and the general execution of the purpose of the trust as laid out in the trust deed.


Who are our target clients?

  • Unit Trusts registered under the capital markets (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2001
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as provided under the capital markets (real estate investment trusts) (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2013


Our value propositions

  1. Professionalism- Our Trustee Services team is highly trained in all the relevant courses required in the specialized dispensation of our roles as Trustees for our customers’ benefits.
  2. Proper & sound governance structure- The Bank employs various unit in the governance of unit trusts and REITs for the benefit of our customers. Our Trustee services unit is answerable to the Bank’s compliance dept, audit dept and risk department for an extra layer of governance and to ensure our customers are covered on all ends.
  3. Invaluable experience- Co-op Bank is the first and the only Bank in Kenya with experience in the structure and governance of REITs products. We are the trustee of the first REIT in Kenya (Fahari I-REIT) and have partnered with Acorn in formation of their REIT.
  4. Customer centricity- Each of our client is accorded a relationship manager who is available to oversee and interrogate fund managers investments, ensure compliance with the laid-out regulations and scheme rules, scrutinize period reports and answer to the beneficiaries in an annual AGM. 
  5. Competitive pricing- Our pricing is flexible enough to accommodate clients without compromising on the professionalism.


Who can assist with additional trustee information?

Email us on

Call us on 020 3276237/781 or 0711 049 237/781

Contact us through our social media platforms (WhatApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our offices at CIC Plaza wing B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upperhill

Fixed Income & Money Market Products

We act as an agent for customers looking to invest in government (treasury) bills and bonds, at a minimal fee. We also provide fixed and call deposit investment accounts.​

Treasury bond

This is a debt security issued by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on behalf of the government to raise funds to support the budget.

It is a long term investment ranging from 2 to 30 years.

When a customer invests in a Treasury Bond, they are usually lending money to the government and they earn interest on it. Bidding on the bonds is done on a monthly basis at an auction.


  1. Risk free – the principle and interest payments are guaranteed
  2. Specified rate of interest paid during the life of the bond
  3. Face value repaid on maturity of the bond
Treasury bill

This is a short term debt security with maturity of not more than one year. The investment periods are 91 days, 182 days and 364 days.

Bidding on the bills is done on a weekly basis at an auction.


  1. Short term investment hence one is able to get the principle amount after a short time
  2. The bills are bought at a discount depending on the yield thus the gains are realized upfront
Fixed Deposit Account

This is an investment account in which a customer deposits a specified amount of money for a certain/fixed period of time.

The period ranges from 1 to 12 months.

The customer is paid a competitive rate for the period the money is held in the account.

Call Deposit Account

This is an investment account in which a customer deposits a specified amount of money for an indefinite period of time for a return. One can ‘call’ or withdraw the funds any time subject to a minimum period of 7 days and prior notice of 24 hours.

Correspondent Banking

Are you a bank looking for a correspondent bank in Kenya with the right expertise?

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has an experienced Correspondent Banking team with in-depth knowledge of international banking products and practices to meet your business requirements. We believe in the strength of building lasting relationships for mutual benefit.

Our Correspondent Banking department offers a range of services to our correspondent banks including:

  1. Trade Finance
    • Documentary Letters of Credit
    • Local and Foreign Guarantees
    • Documentary Collections
    • Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking
    • Risk Participation
  2. Cash Management
    • KES Vostro Accounts
    • KES Collection Services
    • Payment Services – The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Swift Code: KCOOKENA
  3. Treasury
    • Money Market and Fixed Income
    • Foreign Exchange Spot, Swaps and Forwards