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Supplier Registration Portal

The Bank will register all Suppliers via the Co-op Bank Supplier Registration portal. Registration will only be open to Suppliers upon the Bank’s request for Supplier Prequalification which will be undertaken after 2 years preceding the banks notice & if invited for Tender or registration by the Bank.

Suppliers will be required to follow instructions as stipulated in the portal;

  1. The registration documents will be validated and forwarded to the appropriate Procurement officials to undertake the pre-qualification process. The outcome will be advised, via vendor email
  2. Submitting an on-line Supplier Registration Form does not infer any legal obligation on the Bank to transact any business, now or at any time in the future, however we are always keen to engage with new, suppliers who can bring value to our organization and who are aligned with our own values and vision.
  3. For participation in the Tenders, Suppliers who are not registered will be required to self –register in the Supplier Portal.

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All queries should be addressed to the following email;


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